November 27, 2021

Manly Hanley Podcast: Privacy or Security

Manly Hanley Podcast: Privacy or Security


When it comes to the internet, Randy describes areas of security and privacy that you need to know about.

Privacy and Security on the Internet - What's the Difference?

Security - Think of it as keeping your data safe.
In IT, there are many different areas of security such as Newtwork/Endpoint/Application/Computer security. I have a rather short and simple opinion on security. You don't need paid antivirus software anymore. You just need a brain.

If you're regularly downloading malicious files online, needing a virus message alert preventing a potentially harmful piece of software from executing on your computer - you probably could just benefit from a few intro videos to internet security / cyber saftey. It really makes a world of difference. I am fortunate to have worked for companies and IT departments that ONLY survive on saftey and ensuring customer and internal data is locked up tight. You lose that data, you lose the confidence of the people you're contracted under, people you work with internally, and maybe even in your own abilities. "You Should be Ashamed!"

  • Privacy, Think of it of kind of an on of off thing. Your ability to reveal only the data that you want. If more data about you is revealed than you would like, then that means you don't have as much privacy as you probably should have.
  • Maybe you don't want full transparency to strangers, anyone outside your family. Maybe you don't have to be on social media that makes all of it's money selling your data.

Source: Difference between Security and Privacy - javatpoint

I have a sort of cynical view on helping family with security and privacy - I'm sort of jaded by seeing a lot of things in the tech world. Perhaps those thoughts of seeing things get in the way of just recommending a good tech product to family but, regardless, I am asked many tech questions every year by friends and family and I have been trying my best to just give simple answers rather than the negative (TRUTHs) about the majority of products being sold on black Friday just being data-mining and privacy nightmares.

Ring doorbell? This has been coming up as the tech gift question every year. Terrible It's feeding the mesh network of Amazon spy devices. I won't get into the details on this episode, as I talked about Amazon sidewalk a ways back. Short answer, don't buy the damn thing and opt out.. Opt out from not buying it in the first place. Delete your account. It's not worth it. I tried it a few years back when it was fresh. To me, it just seems like a honeypot for more accurately-targeted marketing.

  • In their Privacy and Safety policy section within the "Privacy and safety on Nextdoor", they state that "don't tolerate violations of privacy or threats to someone's physical safety" You know who else doesn't? The police. You dont' need a next door account. Sign up if you're bored and need more things to look at though. (sarcasm)

Last week I sort of covered a good way to clean up some lingering data, and improve your online privacy. [[E23-Things-Will-Not-Get-Betta-with-Meta#^ef9bd0]]

  • If you feel like you don't know where to start to improve your online privacy, this is great start to put a dent in the task, because once you have then scan all your sites, you can then just approve which ones you want to be removed from and they'll send a letter on your behalf. I went into detail last week on this, so check out that episode, 23.
  • You pretty much already know what I'm going to say about social networks, but I'll say it anyway. Limit what you share but, even better, delete all of those accounts. Do it.

I'd like to thank you for putting time aside to listen to the podcast.

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