Randy talks about how one video game forever changed his computing journey.

Why I named this episode around Quake

  • It's an important video game to me. It's really one of main reason I started learning about computers.
  • A team of 4 people started a Software company called id Software - John Romero is a designer and and created development tools/editors for id Software. He is even credited for coining the term "Deathmatch".
  • Something freakishly-amazing about John Romero, from Wikipedia: "In his keynote speech at WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017, Romero named this period Turbo Mode, in which he emphasizes having created 28 games, in 5.5 years with a team consisting of fewer than 10 developers".[
  • John Carmack is the lead programmer. At 25, he programmed this miracle of a game, Quake. He wrote other games before that - successful ones.
  • There is a huge sale going on at Steam, where I recommend you buy Quake. As of Sunday, the 22nd of August, 2021, some games are up to 80% off. I paid $10 for quake. Sure, I know I could get it cheaper, for like $3 or $4, and then Steam would possibly upgrade it to the 2021 improved version, but I just wanted to buy it and support the hard work of the devs.

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