Randy and Christa discuss some popular diets out there, diet apps, and what has worked well for their lifestyles.

Fad Diets have been around for as long as I can remember

  • Cabbage Soup Diet, Potatoes Diet 
    • Had a middle school teacher that went on the cabbage soup guy and got so sick that this person was hospitalized. 
    • On the other hand, Penn Jillette went on the potato diet and was able to lose over 100 lb. Now it’s just Penn by himself. Bad joke. Teller is the man and I actually met him in Vegas! 
    • The whole30. this day is great, however if you just go with the general guidelines, it’s very easy to eat an extreme excessive amount of fats. but I do think that the diet has some really good ideas that can be filed for life, such as lowering sugar intake, not eating dairy, and avoiding some of the really high carb foods. 

Brian Shaw’s YouTube Channel is awesome. – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQFLkJG0737sMibjcdKrsw

  • Some of these fad diets do seem to be pretty drastic.

Closing Remarks

Do what works for you. To me, it all seems to be calories in, calories out when breaking it all down.

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