Randy shares what motivated him to create a podcast.

Everyone has a podcast, right? Why did I create one?

  • If every person on the internet started a podcast, that just gives us a bigger chance that we’ll find something we’ll like to listen.
  • Now it is estimated that there are over 750,000 podcasts, equating to over 30 Million episodes, as of June 2019. This is according to Podcast
    • Podcast Insights broke these numbers down a little more to show that 50% of all homes are podcasts fans.
  • Why did I jump into podcasting?
    • The whole reason I got into computing in the first place was because I’m a lifelong musician.
  • I haven’t made a dollar off of this. I have a real, day job. Could this become a real, full-time, job? I don’t care, I’ll do it for free, forever – it’s fun and I’m probably helping someone.
  • There are many, many groups on Facebook, Reddit, etc, where people are donating their time and skills to answers the questions of other aspiring podcasters.

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