The term “Cord Cutter” is nothing new by any means. We’ve heard that term for years. Do you even know what it means? Randy is joined by Christa today to discuss cord cutting.

A Basic Amount of Cord Cutting: Netflix

Cord Cutting Isn’t 100% Possible

  • The company you’re getting your internet from is often the Company you’ve been trying to escape.
    • That’s how much power these cable companies have.

What Do I Recommend?

  • Think about it a little bit before-hand to see if what you’re going to buy will meet your needs.
    • Start with the foundation: Have a good internet connection. Since your CordCutting ability will rely on a good internet connection, I recommends at least 50Mbps for your house. Most providers, at least in my area, nowadays have 100Mbps options available for streaming. You may end up realizing that you’re paying more for internet service, than if your Cable company offers you a deal you cannot pass up. It’s not likely, but it happens. If you do find a deal on a great package from your cable company that offers, TV/Phone/Internet, it’ll likely be a discounted rate for maybe 6-months or a year, then they hike up the price after that. The way I look at it, I keep a great deal for a year, and that gives me plenty of time to explore & plan my CordCutting setup. Just do your annual “Threaten to Quit” your cable company, and you should be fine getting what you want either way.
      • Have a great WiFi setup (I’d recommend a simple Mesh setup, such as a 3piece WiFi from Google). This will ensure great coverage in your home, which you’ll need if you’re a streaming family.
  • YouTubeTV is worth it, if you can find a some family or nearby friends to go in on the deal.
    • You can split the $50/month bill with 6 accounts that are “in your household”. That’s just a little more than $8 a month. The first time I sampled YouTube TV, it was $35 a month. Then I checked a few months ago, and I think I remember it being $40/month. Now it’s up to $50/month. That is starting to sound like a traditional cable company to me.
      • I pulled up the YouTube family “Location Requirements”. In short, there is a Family Manager of the account. That person sets the home area and all family members must live in the same household. Each family member has to periodically use YouTube TV in the home location to maintain access.

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