Episode 2 of the Manly Hanley Podcast is now live! I’ve attached the show notes below. Thanks for listening!


Season 1, Episode 2 of the Manly Hanley Podcast is here! Today in the studio, we have Christa sharing some great side hustle ideas for bringing in some extra cash. Christa is a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience and also happens to be Manly Hanley’s fiance.


Selling Things Online, using something other than Craigslist

Online Surveys that Don’t Suck

  • User Interface-type testing was the one that actually started to pay some dollars and became worth my time. 
    • You will come across the one I’m using. You’ll take a survey for probably less than 10 minutes, sometimes only 2 minutes, and you’ll make $10. Some pay as high as $70 to $90 and you can schedule them for early evening after you’re finished with your typical work day.  

Your Talent = Your Side Income

  • Did you have something you wish you had done for a career? Something you’re passionate about, but it never became your career?