Is a VPN really a good way to stay safe, or just something people feel obligated to buy from exposure to fear mongering?

NO VPN SERVICE IS ANOYNYMOUS. The weakest link is the VPN that you’re putting all of your trust in.

I swear, just minutes after I was browsing an article about shoes, Facebook knew what I was looking at and now they’re advertising shoes to me! This is ridiculous.

  • A VPN still isn’t going to stop things like this from happening. Marketing companies already have ways of finding out what products you like. 
    • When you visit Facebook, you’re logging into a site. Logging into a Site. Logging into their site. Facebook sells ads, you talk about things online, they’re listening. VPN won’t protect you from this. 
      • On the other hand, you would still decrease the amount of tracking on that happens because your IP address can originate from another country. So, you can still see ads, but they’re likely be irrelevant to you. 
  • Solution: Develop better habits and just be a little more educated on how things are tracking you. “Oh, “I’m logged into a social network?”. “Oh, I’m signed into Gmail, and receiving products receipts and promotional emails to my inbox? A company that makes a killing on ad revenue would never use this information to their benefit!”.
  • Realize that if you DO go with a VPN Provider, you now need to put all of your trust in them. All of your traffic is routed through them. Your IP address is ONLY ONE of the ways to track you
  • There are Tracking ID’s completely different from your IP address, so when you’re all set hiding your IP address, there so many other factors that can reveal ..You. 
    • Your machine has a cookies, device ID’s (given to you when you sign up for services – they can track you across the web). 
    • Mobile devices can further track you by GPS/Celullar networks that reveal your location. 
  • I think we’re so busy focusing on “IP Addresses” while marketing companies are perfecting their best product: You.

VPN Companies can’t solve it all. Your browser, itself, has plugins, versions, so many other things that talk to the website it’s connecting to. You’re being tracked. You can’t hide. You’re wasting your time. My point is, if a government wants to subpoena the information that you’re hiding, a VPN will make it very convenient for them to get that data.

Come one! I really want to do everything I can to not be tracked.

  • Alright, then power off all of your electronic devices – anything with a network connection. 
    • You CAN do more to be tracked less, but remember that your fort Knox of privacy is as only good at the weakest link. Most of us probably don’t work for the CIA and we’re not in that high of demand. 

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