Randy is joined by Christa in the studio and discusses the Unlimited nonsense that is your smartphone data plan.

Unlimited Data is Now a Half Truth

  • This holds for both Prepaid and Postpaid types of cell phone plans. 
    • Now carriers are offering different priorities of data 
      • Unlimited Data, up to X amount of Speed where, thereafter you reach a certain threshold, it is then throttled. I have seen this happening for well over a decade, since Comcast sort of did this with peoples’ home internet. Remember when we used to buy DVD’s and then it seemed like streaming came out of nowhere. That’s at least when I first remember Internet Service Providers really knowing where to cap things. I want to put things into some basic numbers – not getting too technical on the amount of data things use. 
        • According to Netflix, streaming an hour of HD uses about 3GB per hour. Streaming for the same amount of time in Standard Definition (think of the low-quality video that “Unlimited” carriers often throttle their users down to), uses about 0.7GB per hour. Off hand, 4K is about 7GB of video per hour. Source: 
    • I hope there can be a balance between companies not being so strict/greedy, while also not punishing user who don’t really get to use the data that they pay for. Sure, there are people that could really abuse networks, like if they’re doing some heavy uploading and streaming, but those numbers have always been throttled. Just beware of what you’re buying and that not all Unlimited packages are unlimited in Every kind of way. 
      • I think Verizon sets the best example of how ridiculously-confusing the whole idea of “Unlimited Plans” can be. For instance, they have the: “Start Unlimited”, “Play More Unlimited”, “Do More Unlimited”, “Get More Unlimited”. How about just name one “Honestly Unlimited” instead of putting a spin on things. 
        • Unless you have a comparison chart in front of you, you can’t even guess what in the hell any of those plans mean. There may even be an extra plan I’m not seeing on their website called, “We’ve contacted Miriam Webster and changed the definition of ‘Unlimited’ Plan”.  

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