Randy is joined by Christa in-studio to discuss the pros and cons of working from an airplane.

Working During your Flight has its pros and cons

  • Many of my friends and family cannot stop working. I often find myself supporting them while they’re trying to get something to work while they’re at the airport or on a plane. Is working while flying worth it? 
    • If you work for a company is paying for you to work on a plane money they’ll make back for the duration of that flight? 
    • An hour flight from Detroit to Philly. How much work can you actually get done on the flight when you have your usual interruptions such as the limited space and sitting close to someone. It may be difficult to relax on the plane, so you might feel more productive keeping busy. 
  • On many internet flights, as of this broadcast anyway, they block any type of “streaming”. Streaming includes YouTube, but not everybody uses YouTube for entertainment – sometimes a video might be referenced for work, or sharing an idea – can’t do that on a plan. I contacted GoGo Inflight, and they said they plan on adding the ability to stream soon. I’m still skeptical on how well it will work since internet on planes is often insanely slow.
  • Delta Airlines took its first test at offering Free in-flight WiFi
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