If you’re on Social Media, like most of us are, you’ll inevitably run into memes. There’s a good chance you’ve seen one of these phrases plastered over a meme:

  • “You see what I did there?”
  • “Hold my beer” memes – These memes are generally following this simple formula. Person A is described as doing something foolish, while person B says “Hold me beer” and does something much more foolish.
  • “You Only Live Once.”
  • “Giving more than 100%” of anything “at the end of the day”. 
    • That’s a combo one. I’m surprised that I hear “At the end of the day” still, as much as I do. Over 15 years ago, that was old. Maybe before that, but I remember hearing it a lot around the time I completed had college. As I was handed my degree, I thought to myself that I only live once…and I was glad it was the end of the day, never mind. That was dumb. You see what I did there? 
  • “It is What it Is”.
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 
    • I know for sure, I’m guilty of saying this one. But I also do think that it makes about as much sense as believing you shouldn’t brush your teeth until you have a cavity. Ever heard of preventative maintenance? 
  • “Just sayin’.” 
    •  I’m not sayin’ any more, other than: This one just sounds like you’re not sayin’ anything intelligent. 

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