Randy discusses why he’s a hypocrite that loves and hates Amazon.

Hate Amazon

  • Main Point 
    • Ring Doorbell not secure 
    • Alexa Everywhere – Just like I had mentioned a couple of weeks back is that’s really the only Holiday deals that Amazon (Facebook and Google included) will offer – is their own little devices that you don’t need. 
    • Hurting Brick and Mortar stores 
    • Climbing membership prices 
      • Couldn’t they just allow members to customize their plans, À la carte, so I could get rid of the millionth streaming service that I don’t use, Amazon Video. Or maybe even something, such as offering little enticing shipping delay incentives, such as $1 toward your actual Amazon Rewards cash. 

Love Amazon

  • Saving on fuel and time. 
    • Prime Pantry – Rip off – Whole Foods – not too bad! On average, when I buy a weeks’ worth of groceries, most of it is organic, and it costs around $7 in convenience for me to have the groceries picked and delivered to me within a 2-hour window. If you’re having this completed during working hours, it depends how valuable that hour is to you that you’re getting back. On a weekend, an hour is important to me – because maybe I could be doing something fun – or just eating on the couch, fat, while someone is bagging my groceries. I love it, still. 
  • Invested in the ecosystem. For instance, I appreciate the quality in Amazon’s ability to guarantee their order and brand. Two weeks ago, I had ordered all of my groceries from Amazon/Whole Foods, and I noticed a couple of days later that some oranges were molded. I decided I’d try logging back into my amazon account and informing amazon. Not one question was asked to investigate – Rather than having to return the groceries to a “Customer Service” counter like every other grocery store on the planet, Amazon immediately credited me the $6 back to my account. If you’ve listed to our last episode, I mentioned how Amazon has refunded me on other perishable purchases, such as RX Bars that were as hard as a brick – no questions askes, $22 back to my card.
  • They Invest in me too, I feel. allows you to donate to Organizations that have registered there. So anytime I shop there, I can support an organization, all while paying the same low price, receiving 5% off of my groceries too – It’s like a 2-punch.

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