Episode 4 of the Manly Hanley Podcast is live! I’ve attached the show notes below. Thank you for listening!


In Episode 4 of the Manly Hanley Podcast, Randy discusses some productivity tips that you can try right now to save yourself some time. These are productivity “tweaks” that I’ve tried out that have actually stuck and I eventually implemented them as good habits.


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Notes / Lists / Calendar

  • Calendar 
    • Use it 


  • Bills / Online Bill-Pay – Online Bill Pay is offered by many Credit Unions and Banks. Check if your financial institution has it available to you – chance are, it’s free.
  • Automate anything you can! Automate not for aesthetics, but for practicability.
  • Text Expansion 
    • AutoHotKey 
      • More Simple Version of that called FastKeys
        • Additionally, the Fastkeys forum has users sharing their automation implementation which can spawn endless productivity ideas. 

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