Episode 5 of the Manly Hanley Podcast is live! I’ve attached the show notes below. Thank you for listening!


In Episode 5 of the Manly Hanley Podcast, Randy discusses why he decided that it’s Time for Nintendo. These are reasons why Nintendo may be best the best choice for the casual gamer that is reentering the gaming scene, without dedicating too much time toward it.


  • Randy is hard-at-work with some different vendors, looking into possible sponsorship and giveaways. Another giveaway will be coming soon, likely within the next couple of weeks!

Nintendo Switch being a worthwhile investment

  • Nintendo can be good for any age, as I feel it allows for healthier video gaming habits. 
    • You never really have to turn it off, it just allows you to put it into sleep mode, perfect when you’re a busy person that casually wants to keep up on video gaming. 
      • It allows you to be a “Mobile Gamer” with it’s portability. . . 
      • Things are consistent across Nintendo games 
      • Co-Op capability seems to be common among many Nintendo titles. Super Smash Bros – You can have 8 characters playing simultaneously. 
      • It’s less of an investment in the long-run for a Nintendo switch online Membership. Nintendo online has a family Membership option where you can pay $35 for the year, but share it with 8 different Nintendo accounts!…between 8 people comes out to just over $4 a year! 


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