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The Content of your Podcast is not the only important piece to the puzzle; The sound quality can be just as important, because it’s the primary way that a Podcaster’s message is delivered. A lot of podcasters use a USB Microphone. Is this really the best method for capturing your sound?


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Are USB Microphones Worth the Money?

  • Benefits to having a USB Microphone.
    • Short path for getting audio into your computer, with minimal to no setup required.
    • Great for a one-person setup or podcast / YouTube Vloggers, or doing creepy ASMR videos.
  • Disadvantages to having a USB Microphone
    • They can only plug into a computer.
  • Can get messy if you try to work with more than one Microphone – setup can become confusing to many users.


If you’re just starting out and want to get a feeling for recording,  a single USB Microphone is worth it – You can get a decent-sounding one for 100 bucks or less: Link to the Blue Yeti USB Mic (This one is $129, but the Nano version is less than $100).

What I Use and Believe In

  • XLR is the standard the Recording/Music industry has been using for such a long time. I use mics such as the:
    Rode NT1-ASM-57MXL 770 (under $78)
  • Boom Stand, such as this one.
  • PreSonus StudioLive Mixer/Interface. This is where I can plug in up to 16 microphones if I ever needed to.
  • Studio One DAW Software that came free with my Mixer.
  • Audacity is a great piece of software that runs on multiple operating systems, so I have that as a backup solution as well.
  • A few XLR cables from your local music store, you can usually pick these up for a great deal.

My Backup Solution

My backup Solution in case I can’t use my StudioLive Mixer:  (ANY Cheap Small Mixer will work (they can be $50 and up, such as a small Behringer Mixer) in combination with the Behringer UCA202 USB device that can thus connect basically any mixer to your computer!

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