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Today it’s about Mac vs PC and Android vs iOS. I’m going to bring up the differences between them that are obvious to me and why I may prefer one over the other.

Mac vs PC – or Mac OS vs Windows

  • Mac is not the most secure solution – That’s an old claim.
    • 10 Years ago, Wikimedia found that Windows visitors made up 90% of the traffic measured.
  • Louis Rossmann, has multiple videos where he demonstrates how Apple makes repairs nearly impossible to accomplish
    His repair shop
  • Microsoft is bringing back Power Toys! – This is such an awesome throw-back that geeks, like myself, will not want to pass up. I feel like Power Toys kind of gave us that level of customization that a geek may feel is missing out-of-the-box.
  • My conclusions are that, if I’m going to buy a Mac, I’d buy the higher-end model with Apple care because I’ve heard from friends that Apple’s support is pretty good, but I’d also buy the Apple care + level of protection, just in case. PCs may come preinstalled with bloat, but that will depend on the manufacturer that you’re buying from. If you buy a PC directly from Microsoft, such as a Surface product, then you’re essentially getting a machine from the source, just as you would when buying hardware from Apple – You’ll be getting the intended experience.

Apple’s iOS vs (many other manufacturers’) Android

  • Android sports customization and Apple sports simplicity – with a tax (they’re way overpriced).
    • Even with Jail breaking iOS, it was still lacking the basic home screen replacement possibility that Android has out of the box. With Android, you can instantly customize your phone with an app called Nova Launcher.

With iOS, you’re stuck with a mess of icons and folders. It hasn’t changed much in 10 or so years.

  • You definitely can get much more smartphone for your money with an Android-running device.
    • Google makes the Pixel 3a, which can beat the pants off any other smartphone’s camera:
  • iOS has a great messaging platform: iMessage.
    Facebook has mentioned they’re wanting to use end-to-end encryption soon, so we’ll see how that goes.

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