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How preventable are Phishing attacks? I’ll talk about how easy it is to prevent these things from happening, which can really help to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, as well as damage to your company or brand.


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  • Christa had her tonsils removed and is recovering nicely. We miss her!

What is Phishing and how do you prevent it?

What do you do if you’ve already fallen for a Phishing attack?

  • Act quickly, aggressively and smart.
    • Change your password immediately. For all off your accounts!
    • Make a phone call to an actual family member and a friend, and just check up to see how things are looking from their perspective, visiting your profile pages, and checking emails from you, etc.

When someone in your company falls for a phishing attack, it can be a huge embarrassment. Your company’s name is attached to that person that fell for something that is obviously, entirely avoidable. This can make a company look irresponsible.

Have Some Mock Phishing Attacks

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