Randy introduces 5 things that he really would like to try or buy!

Sometimes I like to explore sites that highlight new concepts, or things that are already available for purchase. A good site for this would be Indiegogo. They let you support entrepreneurs during their early stages of developing their ideas.

Sometimes, the cool new products I find may be something on AliExpress- ( ) based in China that has a bunch of small business on there selling stuff. You can often find things that “look like” already-expensive products in the USA. It can be a gamble ordering things on there, but If you know what you want and even read some reddit threads and forums, you may be able to steal a killer deal.

The products on Ali Express are sourced directly from China, so if you know the product is (FOR SURE) what you’re looking for, you can avoid some overheads, from if you were to buy from Amazon, for example.

Five Cool, New Gadgets I’d Consider Trying

  • Meeting Owl
    • This will be great for when we go back to work and are together, again in a meeting room.
      • This product may be interesting to us IT Folks that have worked with similar systems from Microsoft, such as the Polycom CX series, that can sometimes cost around $10,000.
        • OWL Labs Sells the Meeting Owl Pro for $999 dollars. (There is a normal version that’s cheaper with a lower resolution).
          • Inside , it has 8 smart mics, with a mic pickup range of 18 feet. You put this right in the center of your table and start meeting, and can display your meeting attendees in 1080p HD. It will cut to the screen of the person talking – when they’re in the same room!
          • It has a 360 degree camera.
            • Why do I think it’s brilliant? You don’t have to have a ton of people in a building, using separate wificonnections, eating up all your internet bandwidth. With this device, you can all just start talking, using the device’s one connection.
              • We tried it at my work and it was awesome.
            • Link
  • Crescent Lufkin 4″ Compact Measuring Wheel
    • This seems like one of those things I’d just buy because I thought it was amazing, even though I didn’t need it all. I remember seeing people with these all of the time, in business environments, measuring an office professionally. Now, I can have one..for no reason at all… But I might need it! Like, I want to finish my basement in a year or so from now. I could totally see this making it super-fast to measure off room dimensions.
    • Maybe you want to measure the grass outside for a bocce ball court, or a practice putt-putt area. Seems like something useful that I could just hang in the garage and eventually find a good reason to use it.
    • Link
  • LifeSpan Fitness: Treadmill Standing Desk
    • LifeSpan Fitness is the brand you want to order from. They’re built very solid, with Top-notch support.

I’ve seen it for myself, and I’m really impressed with their thorough customer service.

PAY THE EXTA money, and get their warranty. Pay attention to the model you’re buying and make sure it hits the MPH that will fit your needs.

Quiet, solid

Holds up to 350lbs.

*things to note, no incline


  • Mirage Eclipse (Hobie) – The first true “Stand Up Pedalboard”.
    •  It looks really amazing. What looks cool about this to me is that it appears it would be easier to keep your center of gravity on the board. I’ve you’ve tried a paddle board like I have, you may know that it’s hard for some people to stay balanced on them – maybe just me.
    • Link:

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