Randy gives you Ten reason on why he has fully-switched to the Edge browser and away from Google Chrome.

10 Reasons I’ve Switched to Edge, Full Time

  • 1.) Google is an advertising company. Repeat that in your mind.
  • 2.) It’s harmful to web standards, in my opinion, as most developers are developing their sites for chrome, who also want to be indexed on Google’s website.
  • 3.) Updates itself in the background, without most people even knowing that.
    • At least Firefox installs an “updater” utility under control panel to actually give you a hint. Chrome just magically does it. You can think of this as a good thing or bad thing, obviously, but at least prompt the user so maybe they’ll feel inclined to look at the changelog.
  • 4.) Google is always striving to track you. Even if you open a new Incognito Tab.
  • 5.) While the code/core of Edge is based on C/C++ just like Chrome, Microsoft is already working on improving the C/C++ Code within Edge. This is where Microsoft is considering looking at a more modern language called Rust, that Firefox already uses!
  • 6.) Edge can run Chrome extensions. Being that edge has so many features out of the box, I find myself not needing many extensions anyway.
  • 7.) Even though Edge has gone through some drastic layout changes over the past few years, Microsoft has always been proud to display how it uses less RAM than other browsers. I find that it “backgrounds” or hibernates tabs very efficiently. I can’t speak for everyone’s computer setup, as different people may be using different extensions for their browser, so try it out for yourself and see if Edge eats up as much RAM as Chrome or Firefox.
  • 8.) Edge has very easy Privacy settings – If you’ve setup a Windows 10 machine for the first time, you may know what I’m talk about – it has a bunch of Sliders, that explains each aspect of the privacy setting that you’re enabling or disabling.
    • The settings are “Basic”/”Balanced”/”Strict”.
  • 9.) Tab Groups and Collections. You can organize tabs into groups because managing a ton of open tabs can VERY MUCH get messy. For instance, I can right click on any of my Edge tabs and “add to collection”. This is an integration that Microsoft has with Pinterest. Additionally, that collections features is getting the ability to send to Word, Excel, or One Note. This is a great way to make an outline in based on the collections you’ve created. Right off the top of my head, this would be great for something like recipes.
  • 10.) Built-in Tracking Prevention. This is also in the same area that I’ve mentioned for Privacy settings in #8. There is a “Blocked Trackers” area that allows you to view the sites that they’ve blocked from tracking you. I was VERY surprised at how many sites appeared in that list! As of this podcast episode, the current trackers blocked by Edge in my browser so far are: 13,093.

I’d like to thank you for putting time aside to listen to the podcast.

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