Randy is way too excited about his new bed that he purchased online!

Sleeping on a Toxic Bed?

  • There have been lawsuits against Tempur-Pedic, due to them containing VOC’s
    • The mattresses always have a chemical smell when you first get them.
      • The companies even tell you that you can let them sit for a day or so to off-gas.
  • The VOCs found in mattresses, you’re already breathing in.
  • I felt like I needed a Tempur-Pedic. I owned one years ago – forget the fact that it has an extreme chemical smell when you first buy it. I couldn’t forget it this time. The pros were not outweighing the cons: Going into a store, and trying out mattresses that other people are laying on, with their head in the same spot, just gives me a bad feeling.
    • I decided to give the online mattress market a try.

Online Shopping for Mattresses

  • For the last few years, I’d occasionally hear one of my favorite tech podcasters, Leo Laporte, mention an online mattress brand called Casper. I didn’t go with them first, it got me to thinking, maybe I could just Bing search for Natural Organic mattresses. Among my search results each time was a YouTube channel called “The Slumber Yard”.
    • Link:
    • Riz knows –
      • It’s not obvious in the videos, as it first appears as just a guy reviewing mattresses. Digging into the YouTube channel, and going to their about page, you will find the RizKnows website, which sort of reminds me of a “SlickDeals” type site. On their About-Us page, is Riz himself, aka. Jeff Rizzo.
        • I love this guy’s site and team. It really gives me a good feeling that all of the reviews are completely unbiased. Yes, they need to get paid to do this, and it’s open and clear about it on their website and even their YouTube channel, where it mentions referral links. That’s extremely common and I’m glad that their site is not littered with Ads!
        • The Riz Knows teams does other reviews on things such as Wearable Tech, Audio, Apparel and Footwear, Cameras and Drones, sports and outdoors, and smart home items. Um, SUBSCRIBED!
          • They’re kind of like a mini-CNET without all the commercial crap/ads, as they’re owned by CBS Interactive, within the CBS Corporation.
  • After watching a bunch of mattress review videos, Christa and I were able to narrow things down to our favorite candidate mattress. We went with a brand called Awara:
    • After watching the review video, we learned the mattress they sell had all of our favorite characteristics and the most insanely-cool warranty in the business.

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