Randy is your Podcast consultant and discusses reasons why you may want to podcast.


  • This is the weekend of the Second Sunday of the month, and my promise is to do a Microsoft 365 how-to video. If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft 365, I highly-recommend you check out this month’s video that will be posted and shared via Those videos are typically released live for Facebook and then later  shared to YouTube.

    I can’t help but podcast about podcasting
  • Podcasts are so popular that, as a tech guy, I’m often asked questions about podcasts
    • I’ve consulted just a few people, in-person regarding a Podcast (and this was mainly local in the Oakland county area of Michigan). With the internet, and my podcast, I’m opening that up.

      Why may one want to start a podcast?
      It’s a simple as having something to share with the world
  • The same answer could be used for “Why may one may want to start a website”, so those both can go hand-in-hand.
  • No pressure. You can pick your release cycle, and just stick to your own standards. Many podcasts release weekly episodes. You can do it with only your smartphone if you wanted.
    • There are free ways to do it, such as – 100% free. At this time, there really are not any noticeable drawbacks to Anchor. The only reason, I’ve gone with a paid solution is just wanting 100% control of my content. Anchor does give you control too. I’ve heard really good things about them. I would still recommend it to friends and family, due to some pretty nifty bonus features
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