Randy discusses how he researches a desktop application and decides it if may be worth trying out and, most importantly, is safe to install on your computer.


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What I look for in an Application and how I decide If I’m going to actually install it.

  • I’ll look for some functionality that perhaps is missing from the stock setup of an Operation System.
    • A first example would be something like the File Explorer in Windows
      • There is a “File Explorer replacement”, called Multi Commander that I’ve heard of. Just because there is an app out there that everyone is talking about, doesn’t mean it’s safe to install.
        • Virus Total. Upload the installer file and it does a checksum and confirms if there is any reporting of malicious behavior.
    • This application is a stretch, because I find the default Windows 10 photo viewer to be lightweight and really good. FastStone Image viewer is still more powerful and worth a shot, since it’s free.
    • Google Earth (Pro). The desktop version Is now the pro version that I think was originally $300 or $400.
    • VLC Media Player.
    • OneNote. – This is one I’ve done an entire episode on. If you scroll through your podcast app and search for Episode 4 in our first season, you’ll see that I talk about OneNote quite a bit.
    • Notepad ++ – If you have Windows operating system, this is a must. Even though it’s GPL license, the developer allegedly state he’ll only program this app for Windows. So of, naturally, there are clones on other operating systems that try to mimic its greatness.
    • Ultimate Windows Tweaker – I think it’s a great app, that while not having a pretty website/presentation, it’s a great app once you try it out.

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