Randy gives you his best methods to come up with online topics.

Things I use to come up with podcast (or blog) topics

  • Aside from a lightbulb going off in my head, here are a few tools that I recommend assisting in coming up with blog post or podcast ideas.
    • Portent’s Content Idea Generator – I feel like this is an oldie but a goodie, which I could potentially see being a decent tool for students wanting to come up with essay topics. The site has a clean interface with no distracting ads either!
    • Google Trends – As much as I try to wean myself off Google, the trends tool is still amazing to find out what people are searching for. When something is trending on Google, if you’re big about wanting to get some visits on a topic, it’s a good idea to chime in on a trending topic. I personally haven’t been big on investing in this area for myself, but If I’m working with a client that is looking for results, I will Definitely push them toward this.
    • Answer the Public – This tool find questions that people ask about the keyword you may be interesting. Do not miss out on trying this site. It’s helpful regardless of if you’re trying to get visitors or if you’re trying to come up with ideas. I think this is a good power combo tool alongside Portent’s Content Idea Generator, mentioned above.
    • Pod Pros channel on YouTube – A Podcasting Consultant named Ashley has some wonderful videos on YouTube, and one video she covers 7 Podcast Segment Ideas. I think this video breaks it down quickly and will give you great ideas. She puts out 3 videos a week, and I’ve found these videos to be helpful to recommend to users in my podcasting groups.
    • Become a member of blogging or podcast groups and see what they’re posting. Check their results, collaborate with them. Something I don’t necessarily practice, as I’m preaching it. It is helpful though.

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