Randy discusses how he and Christa are handling the public distancing, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.


  • Ordered some video gear last week – It’s backordered for a couple of weeks because of Covid-19
  • Getting Groceries

Getting Groceries

  • Just trying to get things you need
    • The last few weeks, I’ve been having good results with ordering Grocery Pickup about a week out.
      • Once I get home, I put on a pair of gloves, lysol wipe everything, place it into a plastic tupperware bin, bring it to the house, where I then rinse off each item to place onto a towel to allow it to dry off. From there, it goes to the fridge or freezer.
      • Water isn’t an absolute emergency item at this point, since there is currently a water supply going to most homes in the USA.

Can’t Get The Groceries You Need? Alternative Items that are As Good or Better

  • Disinfectant – Benefect – Deacon 30
    • Kills 99.9% of Germs and doesn’t kill you. It’s botanical, and not toxic like bleach.
  • Carry-out from Restaurants
    • I tend to prefer high-temperature foods such as pizza, etc, or things that generally don’t have much contact after it’s cooked. Pizza is typically scooped out of the oven with a shovel or tool to grab the Pizza tray, and then placed directly in to the box for delivery.

Closing Remarks

I’d like to thank you for putting time aside to listen to the podcast. I’ll also say probably what every person on the planet is saying to one another and that is to be safe out there.

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