September 13, 2020

Manly Hanley Podcast, S2-E22: Back-to-School Computer - No Purchase Necessary


Randy covers some back-to-school computer options that you may not realize you already have.

Manly Hanley Podcast · S2 – E22 – Back-to-School Computer – No Purchase Necessary


  • I’m putting a slow-down on the Microsoft 365 trainings, and will do them on an as-requested basis.

Here’s why you may already own a “back-to-school” computer.

  • Linux
    • It’s free and will likely more than do the job of paying for a “Chromebook” in the store.
      • I can’t stress this enough – a Chromebook is a chrome browser. Turn an old PC into a Linux machine. It’s so easy, I could walk you through it over the phone.
      • Install Elementary OS – The install is extremely easy and there are more than enough guides that walk you through the simple steps. I will help you with any questions you may have about installing it. It has a MacOS looking Dock bar at the bottom.
      • Linux Mint – This is my personal choice for a Linux distribution. I think it is perfect for beginners, but also very-easy access to the tools for more advanced Linux users.

I’d like to thank you for putting time aside to listen to the podcast.

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