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Why is Randy using 3 operating systems in the office?

Do I think it’s possible to go all open source?

  • Yes
  • There is a challenge to it

Segue: Coming up on the Manly Hanley Podcast . . .

Current Setup and Why I’m doing it this way

  • 2 computers – 3 Operating Systems
  • Old desktop computer running Linux Mint. I’m using this as my “main system” as far as surfing the internet goes and I like to think of it as my learning/growing machine – Sort of forcing myself to dive in a bit.
  • My the computer is that iMac that I’ve been talking about for the last few months. Now that I’ve used MacOS as my main driver for the last two months – I feel I can confidently say that I think Windows 10 and Linux desktops are better. Yes, there are Mac-specific apps that are indisputably good, but this goes for every operating system.

I’d like to thank you for putting time aside to listen to the podcast.

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