How’s it working out for Randy, de-Googling himself?

The hardest part

  • Realizing how much of my data they hold
    • And then planning to “take out” my data and place it somewhere as reliable.
    • Not likely as reliable, being that Google has 100’s of thousands of dollars.
  • I feel like Google has weaponized Linux to fuel their surveillance machine.

De-Googling is much harder than I had realized

  • There have been articles for a long time, regarding getting rid of Google from your life, long before I found this something I wanted to achieve.
    • I want to make clear that I think Google no longer a good company, who allegedly spies on their employees, discouraging worker organization – before firing them. I won’t get into politics on unions or any of that stuff because I don’t feel I’m the most educated person on that subject manner. The part about Google that bothers me is lack of privacy, knowing everything about a person by crawling for our data in order to survive.
    • There is a good write-up on How-To-Geek’s site from Harry Guinness that touches on how removing Google from your life is nearly impossible.
    • Ads served to you are often from Google and it’s hard to avoid – What I did about this is:
      • Pi-Hole. I think this is a good start for anyone that wants to shoo away Google a little bit, as a start.
  • Google also loves some good censoring on things they don’t like, such as crushing negative stories about themselves, penalizing anti-Google articles. But, I thought that they would get me the information about things I really want to know – which should be everything, because we use google to search for everything, right? Not me anymore. I’ve removed all traces of Chrome browser.
    • There are countless demonstrations of Google censorship, and it doesn’t matter which political party you’re are part of – If Google doesn’t like it, it may just magically, not exist.
      Top 10 Ways Google Does Evil – Listverse

Free styling some ideas

Off the top of my head, I’ll share a couple things that I planning on doing in order to gradually taper off “the Google”.

Trying to not buy their products (more difficult than it sounds, since Alphabet buys out so many companies). Google is just one of the 13 subsidiaries of Alphabet Inc!. Before Google was under Alphabet, you may recall all of the mergers and acquisitions that happened. They own a lot, and these acquisitions will fuel their data collection domination