Randy continues discussing changes to production of the Manly Hanley Podcast.

  • Realized we needed so much more for this room to not sound like an empty room.
  • It needs a couch, ordered that.
  • It needs sound dampening, ordered that
  • Video capture devices have taken about 3 weeks, but those are supposed to arrive on Tuesday
  • If you ever run into a submerged smartphone speaker, I have a fix I’d like to recommend.
    • Apparently, it’s more common than I thought it is, but I felt like coming up with a better solution than the “Ejector App that rattles the heck out of your speaker”… and it worked.
      • This is app called “Water Ejector” that claims to “knock out the water in your iPhone speakers”. I tried it and it didn’t do anything for me, so here’s what I came up with that actually worked for me
        • Tightly wrapping a dish towel around the phone (dry dish towel), finding a vacuum with variable power (so that you can turn the power down). Suck through the towel (so the towel is avoiding direct vacuum pressure to the speaker driver (which would otherwise destroy it) and suck the moisture in to the napkin. It worked and the $800 iPhone 11 was saved.
        • I will post a video sometime this week, probably on YouTube or on the Manly Hanley Podcast Facebook Page, because I would love to know if I could help someone out that may possibly run into this issue with their phone, as I think this works better than the speak app.
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