Video is not Randy’s forte, but he’s not giving up, providing his “Audio Check” for 2020.


  • Changed my hardware and software configuration for the podcast yet again, and that’s mainly what I’ll cover today.

How is my setup Different today than it was one year ago?

  • Tomorrow, it will be exactly One year from the day I did the “Audio Check” episode.
    • I talked about advantages and disadvantages to having a USB Microphone
    • I discussed what I use and believe in.
      • Using an audio interface, that can have multiple mics connected to it and still, ultimately, one USB cable going into your computer.
  • There was one major difference in last year’s setup from this years’: It lacked Video.
    • This is technically a “podcast”, so I never thought that video was really ever needed. Here’s why I’ve decided to add video.

Why I’ve opened up to the idea of video streaming.

  • In the professional world, I’m used to creating a lot of documentation and how-to tutorials for people.
    • I’ve streamed tips and tricks-type videos, and life hack type videos.
  • The idea of video streaming sounded more appealing to me, because I realized that I, myself, my face, doesn’t have to be on camera all of that time. I can stream my desktop, similar to how I record desktop “screen casts” or “webinars” instead of my big pumpkin-sized melon.

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