Randy helps you to narrow down the smartphone that’s perfect for your mother!

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Mom is ready for a new phone. What do you get her?

  • Smartphones mainly come down to two Operating Systems: iOS and Android
    • The iPhone runs on the iOS Operating System’. Apple oversees the production of their own phones and their OS, which means the have tight control over every aspect.
      • There aren’t many iPhone models to choose from, but this could be a good thing when shopping from Mom. It’s generally easier to support a device when there aren’t 1,000s of other custom versions of it floating around, like Android has.
      • Mom might be a current iPhone user with an iPhone 6s, so perhaps she’s not ready to lose the home button..which Apple killed for a couple years and then finally brought it back with the latest iPhone SE 2020.
    • Android is an operating system that can run on so many different brands’ smartphone hardware.
      • Brands such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Google, all use the Android Operating system. You just need to find the right combination.
        • If you’re looking for “Pure Android”, you’ll want to get mom a Google-branded Android Phone, known as the Google Pixel smartphone line.
  • For a long as I can remember, Android phones were always thought of as a “cheaper” phone and were not overpriced like Apple devices..aka, didn’t have the Apple Tax.
    • I still believe it to be true in some ways, such as Apple cutting corners by including a crappy 5-watt charger with their “basic” iPhone 11 smartphones that start at $700. Android phones often come with a better charger out of the box, that will charge your phone much, much quicker.
      • But why is the price argument getting harder? Because of the iPhone SE 2020. It competes with the “affordable”/comparable Android lines…sort of. I’ll lay out the differences.
        • Android has a $400 phone called the Google Pixel 3a, which they’ll soon be refreshing with the upcoming 4a. Compared to Apple’s cheapest iPhone SE 2020 – the Pixel 3a has a much more capable camera – with night mode and runs Google’s lightweight stock Android. It’s all about the camera with Pixel phones.
        • Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 does not have night mode like the iPhone 11/11Pro/Pro Max have. However, it surprisingly includes wireless charging, which kind of caught me off guard, seeing that in a budget phone from apple. The camera is not bad and, sure it won’t take still photos like the Pixel can but, in my experience, I feel Apple tends to make up for it in Video recording smoothness. The iPhone SE 2020 includes the same joke of a charger, 5-watts.
    • Wait for pixel 4a, which is rumored to be released around May 22nd? Or Buy a currently-discounted Pixel 4:
    • 6.3-inch Pixel 4XL with 128GB of storage for $699 (reduced from $999). This is Google’s top-line premium model, while the 64GB is $599.
    • 5.7-inch Pixel 4 128GB for $599 (discounted from $899), 64GB is $499.
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