Randy introduces a new plan for the podcast with a monthly, livestreamed Office 365 how-to!


  • Hitting up sponsors like a mad man.
  • Working with Focus Camera to fix a huge order mistake on the Atem Mini Pro

Having a Plan

  • It took an entire first season for me to have this idea sink in: Having a Plan.
    • Sure, the layout of my episodes is consistent, but the content delivery schedule is not.
    • I’m working on building out a schedule that I will adhere to.
  • Having a video live stream has helped me fix a couple of years that I had not, otherwise, noticed in the first season.
    • Dedicating one screen to bringing up the bullet points, is a waste of screen. I’m going to stick to the old-fashioned way of just printing out the show bullets and using my screens for streaming, rather than window switching.
  • So what’s the “PLAN”?
    • Christa mentioned this to me, and it was something I was already doing in my professional career, every day, but not at all on the Podcast: Having a “Scheduled” something or “Monthly” something. Basically, this would be a topic on an area that I more or less base the podcast around. For example, I tend to talk a LOT about Office 365, but my Podcast is not named after it. To me, it would make perfect sense to cover an area of the quickly-evolving Microsoft 365 platform, once a month, just like do in the corporate world.

The New Offering

  • Beginning today, the 2nd Sunday of each Month, I will be doing a “Microsoft 365 How To”
    • Today I’m kicking off the first How-To, by talking about Where/How/What to buy if you don’t already have Microsoft 365. I’ll give my input on the different type of plans and what you may want to purchase.
      • First off, before doing anything, check with the company you work for.
        • If your company uses Microsoft Products, and provides desktop office to you, it’s worth checking to see if they have an Office 365 account already active for you! There is a license called an E3 license, that allows installation of the Full Microsoft Office Suite on up to 5 total machines – Yes, your home machine is allowed in most cases.

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