Randy yapping about his great experiences when dealing with small business, and how it was quite the opposite when dealing with the big players.


  • Returned the ATEM Mini that Focus Camera shipped in error. They handled the return process and properly refunded me. Made me think back to my ROOOOOTS, loving small businesses.
  • Tomorrow, I will be receiving the actual ATEM Mini Pro – This is the one that’s backordered for months from many companies, but not this one small businesses out there, working hard to satisfy customers and build long-lasting relationships.
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Supporting Small Businesses Before Big Business

  • I’ve been trying to redevelop this habit more so during the pandemic.
    • Just as much as we’re trying to survive at home, businesses are trying to survive “out there”.
      • It’s beneficial to both the small business and the customer during these times, because the natural habit is to go to the big box store. In many cases, defaulting to the Big-box store has blown up on me.
        • Examples would be emailing B&H Photo and Focus Camera for the last 3 weeks, trying to chase down an ATEM Mini Pro. Getting mixed answers of availability from a company that sells thousands of items per day, compared to a small business that may have just a handful.
          • What I did was simply visit the product manufacturer’s website and looked up their “Authorized Retailers”. Some of those retailers were very small businesses, that have 25+ years of experience in that very trade! So I emailed one. They responded and had one left in stock for the week!

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