Randy talks about 4 interesting and useful apps and websites.

Random Tech that I Find Useful

  • Socratic by Google.
    • It’s a learning app geared toward high school and university students, aiming to help them understand school work.
      • Students can:
  • Uses AI from Google – It’s available in these app stores:
  • Mathway – Math Problem Solver can do: Basic math, Algebra, Trig, Calc, Statistics, even Chemistry and Graphing.
    • If you’d like this to help your kids with math, you probably can, but I’d bet they’re already heard of it. Being that it’s hard to cheat at math, this would be a great learning tool!
      • It has a computer-accessible website, which is great being that it seems everything is limited to a mobile app nowadays. The mobile app has the ability to let you snap a photo of the math problem and it figures it out! I tried it on some simple algebra (I have extra-sloppy handwriting) and it still solved it. That’s AI, baby!
    • Mathway is available in these app stores:
  • –
    • This is a Very-basic PDF editor that allows you to Annotate, Fill-out forms, password protect PDFS and re-save them to your computer. The PDF Editing functionality is limited compared to the Adobe editor, because Adobe is the de-facto PDF king.

      However, before you hand over way too much money to Adobe to merely rent their software, THINK for a second in what you’ll be using the Adobe Acrobat paid software for. If it’s just to reorganize, delete, rotate or extract pages from a PDF, the free PDF Escape tool can do that.
      • It can even allow you to white out parts of a PDF, annotate text, images, and links on top of the PDF – not true editing, but it gets the job done for something simple that you need to fix in a pinch.
  • Microsoft Edge Brower (The New One)
    • Can run on Windows 7, 7, macOS, iOS, Android – and soon Linux!
      • I’ve been using it for a few months and it’s Amazing! For over 10 years, I was stuck on Google Chrome. I felt like I could never get away from it. This is the first time in 10 years, I’ve switched and stuck with it! It’s like being successful on a diet, away from Google.
        • Microsoft makes it hard to hold on to the idea that you can’t get away from Chrome extensions, because Edge can run those extensions! It can sync your bookmarks, passwords and more to any free Microsoft account if you wish to do so.
        • It’s up-front about privacy options
      • It could be a research BEAST because of the powerful “Collections” feature.
        • You can add websites to collections and add custom notes to each site that you add.
          From there, you can then send your collection to the online version of Word, Excel, or even open all of the collection links as individual browser tabs. If you move the collection to Word or Excel, you can further edit the contents of the collection. This might be a great way for someone to outlook a research paper.
  • Apps that, in general, have a “SIGN-IN” screen before you’re able to use the app.
    • How do you know that I care to sign up with my info before even trying out your app. BuhBye.
      • For the most part, the apps I’ve listed above don’t make you create annoying accounts. Well, at least Mathway doesn’t before you get to use it. The Socratic by Google app just asks you to sign in with your Google account (which most people seem to already have), so it’s not too annoying.
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