Randy talks about a balance of open source vs paid software

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How much of your tech capabilities do you own?

  • Do you rent or own?
  • Examples of  renting vs owning would be having a server in your basement, running Ubuntu, hosting your own web server, or something along those lines - that is owning. Renting would be having a web host such as Bluehost, HostGator.
  • Both renting and owning are very similar for the most part. The difference comes if you stop paying the company you’re renting from, things will stop working.
  • Unfortunately, the same goes for renting when it comes to desktop software. Think of the subscription model. You own nothing. You can use Photoshop all you want on your computer, until you stop paying. That’s when the software will “phone home” and let their money machine know that you’re no long a good customer, and that software that is on your machine will not work - because that software is not yours.

Is there an easy solution?

  • Open source.
  • Check out some sites that point out some well-known open source alternatives to paid software.
  • has a list of popular ones.
  • Alternative To has some great crowd sourced recommendations
  • My recommendation is to try to use Open Source software whenever possible, and then use the paid software if you absolutely must.

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