Randy will tell you why you need to get a NAS right now!

Reasons you need to buy a NAS right now one

  • Very easy to setup.
  • I’m definitely biased toward Synology NAS’s, but there other great brands out there such as Qnap and ASUSTOR.
  • Back up your computers and smartphones at home, locally.
  • Synology has an app called Moments that can do useful things, such as group your photos together automatically, based on face similarities, by location and more, using AI technology.
  • For your computers, you can often use the backup program of your choice and dump that backup data directly onto the NAS. Lately, I’ve been using Rescuezilla and I’ve been loving it.
  • Local media streaming.
  • Your NAS can serve as the center of your multimedia universe from within your home. Take the keys back to your media collection, and get out of the habit of renting from some company that owns the data and can shut you off at any time. Take the power back for once.
  • You could even go further and buy a TV tuner to connect to the NAS, and turn the NAS into a DVR for live TV. You have so much endless control over your data, and that’s so cool!
  • Home security system storage
  • At this point, it is probably almost starting to sound too good to be true, but I can assure you it’s not. NAS solutions like Synology have built-in, private security solution available. As far as finding compatible IP Cameras for your NAS, companies like Synology will provide you a list of ones that work with your setup.
  • Host some websites off your NAS
  • I’m doing 3 as we speak, including the domain where I post the link to every Podcast episode!

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