Randy discusses how things can be so much easier when down-sizing.

Throw away, sell, or donate what is not needed

  • Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist
  • Post high - room to chop off the price - take lower offers - it’s worth your time to get rid of things.
  • Owning a lot of tech was a good way for me to realize what I didn’t need.
  • If you’re having trouble getting rid of things, think about what things that you currently own that are future proof and what will lose value in the near future. Those are things that are worth your time and energy to sell.

Fine-tune what you have!

  • Once you’ve narrowed things down to what you really need and what is going to hold it’s value - it’s time to master those things.
  • The are where I’ve completely failed this area is my PreSonus mixer. This is an amazing piece of audio gear and I haven’t set aside a day, even a few hours, to master it. This is the heart of the audio for this show and allows me to produce this great-sounding recording. It could be better - and I could even work harder on learning how to make music for the show in the program so I can get rid of this outdated theme song! :-D
  • Now that you likely have more room to work (and probably breathe), you can potentially feel less anxious about having all of those “things” staring you in the face. You can focus. Maybe you don’t have trouble focusing if there is a lot of junk around you, but I do and I’ve really learned that it helps to feel focused. Sure, there are “time-out” apps that allow you to freeze you browser, background active tabs, have a message that tells you to stand up. That stuff doesn’t work for me. Physically moving things around and making space available does.

I hope this episode helped to inspire you in any minuscule way - or ,even better, in a big way. I like to share anything I that helps someone else do something easier or more-efficiently; This is why I mainly started this show. I love hearing from some that said they tried something and it really helped them do something to increase their productivity.

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