Randy is back for 2021 to share his simplified setup.



How will I deliver the podcast this year?

Believe it or not, I’m simplifying my setup.

    • Two tools, saving back to one device.
    • Anything that I can do locally, I will
    • For the first time, I will be creating the templates with HTML (Tool 1 will be
      an open source, cross-platform application called TagSpaces.
      Avoiding any vendor lock-in, if you will. It saves my notes to HTML.
      Yes, I’ve explored with Markdown, which is also great, but HTML in, HTML
      out wins. That is tool 1
    • Tool 2 would just be my sync client, which is Synology Drive Client.
      It’s nearly identical to Dropbox/OneDrive, but it saves locally, and i can
      decide what to do with my data, locally, before it’s handed off to the cloud.
    • From there, the HTML can simply be pasted into my blog, images URLs and all.

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