July 11, 2021

Manly Hanley Podcast: Tech Vloggers to Follow

Randy shares some of his most-favorite tech Vloggers / content creators!

Manly Hanley Podcast: Tech Vloggers to Follow

Some mentions of my most-favorite tech Vloggers / content creators!

Tech Vloggers I follow

  • Naomi Brockwell
  • She is a machine of putting useful information on blast. I check into her channel every couple of weeks, and I’m always learning something new, particularly her coverage on Bitcoin. I am not a person to give any recommendations on cryptocurrency, but I would say that she’s highly qualified.
  • Mental Outlaw
  • Brilliant tech personality that knows his stuff, and is very blunt about what’s happening with security on the internet. Also talks about Crypto.
  • BitHead 1000
  • I would not consider him a tech content creator, but a multi-talented one. From sawing out an amazing Nintendo chassis, to giving some crazy life advice to his listeners, his channel is entertaining.
  • Chris Titus Tech
  • His channel is described as covering “Linux/Servers/Storage”, but I think it’s so much more. He has great how-to videos, and really is able to relate things to being a former Windows users.
  • DistroTube
  • Even though he won’t really call himself a Linux expert, Derek is a Linux expert that shares his knowledge with the world. He releases very informative videos so often, I’m not sure if the guy ever rests. His audio setup is premium, he speaks clearly, and is easy to follow one some of the most technical computer tutorials.
  • Flossy Carter
  • I love this guy’s no BS approach to doing mobile and general technology reviews. You can tell he' has reviewed so many devices and he will get you the answer to what you’re looking for, quickly, when on the fence on a tech gadget purchase.
  • Techno Tim
  • Friendly, awesome, and informative tech personality that I would credit for my entry into my home lab/NAS setup. If you’re thinking about getting into setting up a home lab, but don’t know where to start, watch a few of his videos, and it will help you come up with great ideas! He’s super-responsive in the comments and one of the most helpful people I’ve chat with in a comment section!
  • Lawrence Systems
  • A guy from the Detroit area like myself, but has extremely valuable knowledge of networks, security, administration, and shares it with the world. He’s timely in releasing videos and commentary on fresh exploits that have been discovered in networks and systems. You will learn something from listening to him within a few minutes, guaranteed.
  • Hak5
  • Like a cool TV station (YouTube channel) that covers so many tech topics. They’ve been around since 2005! I feel like their channel is like going to Information Technology Security school. You’ll find something interesting very quickly here if you’d like to learn about security in tech.

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