Randy mentions how it feels like 2006 all over again in the tech world, when it comes to Linux.

Is it 2006 all over again?

  • I’ve been hearing this for close to 15 years
  • My first time diving into Linux was probably around 2006 when I witnessed how terribly Microsoft handled Windows Vista. It felt like a bloated carcass on top of most computer hardware. It has so many hardware incompatibilities. It sucked!
  • There are already a ton of videos up ahead of the Windows 11 launch talking about upgrading to Linux instead of Windows 11.
  • For as big of a company as Microsoft is, you’d think they could handle things better. It’s kind of embarrassing - Mentioning that it’s a repeat of the “Windows 8 Disaster”. I think of it as more of the Vista disaster. I don’t think 8 was all that terrible.
  • What Linux distributions do I recommend?
  • After running Linux Mint solid for a few years, I cannot pass up recommending it.
  • Pop!_OS by System76 - Rock solid, supports systems with NVIDIA chips if needed, but will run find on most systems. It’s a lighter install, and allows you to browse their shop to determine the extras you want to install.

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