October 3, 2021

Manly Hanley Podcast: Your Smartphone Is Not That Smart

Randy explains why your smartphone is not that smart.

Manly Hanley Podcast: Your Smartphone Is Not That Smart

Here is why your smartphone is not that smart.

Think of what your smartphone can do when you remove it's connection to the internet.

Not much. Were made to rely on cloud services. This puts the real power in big businesses' hands. I believe a smartphone could be renamed to something like "Only-as-smart as the internet Phone".

When's the last time you remember downloading your actual music file to your phone or music player storage? You probably don't. You most-likely use a music "SERVICE" to basically rent a listen from your overlords. If their server goes down, you don't have much, or even nothing at all. Your smartphone is just a tote controller to whatever subscription you currently have.

Most smartphones do not come with an SD card slot, just like laptops no longer include a DVD writer or Blu Ray drive. You will own nothing, bit if you want to, you can try to find a store that will still sell you physical goods or a downloadable file. Respect to the services out there that still let you download music file. I'm not sure If it's the minimalist or environmental mindset that seems to push this trend. Hispters still like records, so who knows.

People always seem to worry about mainly "how good the camera is". Get a real camera and snap some pictures. It won't be long before you realize a dedicated camera can slaughter the one in you smartphone.

On Reddit, some users argue that phones are are not worthless at all: "Having a device that works as a camera, phone, calculator, crappy flashlight, mp3 player, alarm clock, compass, along with access to the internet and various apps that fits in your pocket is incredibly useful."...Ok, fair point, but "smart"phones have accomplished all of these items for almost 2 decades - Couldn't I just argue that one could carry around an iPod touch instead?

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