I honestly haven’t owned an Android tablet in a few years! The last tablet I had purchased was the 2nd Nexus Tablet – and it wasn’t all that impressive. Within a year of owning it, the thing slowed to a crawl, and did seem to get the Google treatment that, then, Nexus phones were getting. Then, it also seemed like the Android tablet market was dying.

Eventually I started to regularly see lower-priced “Galaxy Tab” Samsung tablets in Costco, and they were very affordable. I bought one for a family member. It was just slow, and basically no different than the nexus that frustrated me just couple years prior. I never imagined that Samsung produced junk products but the Galaxy Tab, in my opinion, was; They almost reminded me of a larger, slower version of Samsung’s S6 Phone.

Pretend this was just bigger, but a tablet. 🙂

Enter today, and I’m giving a Galaxy Tab another try. This time, Verizon has sent me the Galaxy Tab S4. My initial impressions after unboxing it were wondering why it was so humongous. As I observed it more closely, I realized how premium this thing felt. It didn’t feel like a previous generation, Samsung phone – It felt solid, expensive, and professional.

It powered up very quickly. Apps opened with no hiccup. It felt like a gigantic Note 8, and that’s what I had secretly wanted in my mind. I wanted something that felt familiar and consistent with the Note 8 that I had been carrying – the phone that never slowed down on me and could do just about anything.

Here’s a video clip i recorded to show my take on the S Pen:

Unlike Smartphones, I’m not going to dive into the processor, RAM, and general specs such as the camera, in that I have no plans to hold this beast up to snap photos.

Battery: The battery life is fantastic. The 7,300 mAh Battery does just fine to get me through a busy day playing Toon Blast. Okay, seriously I did use it for important tasks for entire days at at time without having it die on me. Even though the S4’s battery could kick the ass of other tablets, it also supports Fast Charging, meaning I could have a fullycharged battery in ~ 3 hours (from a 0% charge!).

Display: The Screen is huge, 10.5 inches to be exact. The Resolution is 287 PPI, which is just a little more than the iPad Pro. More importantly, I can do so much more on the Android OS than I can on iOS.

Takeaway: All you need to know is that, after using this tablet for a month, I know it’s worth the money. I didn’t really have much hope for Android tablets until Samsung won me back with this one. I would like to think of this tablet as something “between” my Note 8 Smartphone and my Dell Laptop with 16GB of RAM – It’s not a replacement for either of those, but still a useful tool in my productivity arsenal.

Get it Here: The Galaxy Tab S4 is available on Verizon’s site here. You can pay Verizon $729.99 straight up and own it, or they offer a cheaper price if you buy it under a 2-year contract. Verizon also allows you to purchase and spread the cost out over 24 monthly payments. Thank you for visiting Randy Hanley.com and checking out this review! Happy New Year, 2019!