December 6, 2018

Review: Google Pixel 3 XL on Verizon

The Google Pixel 3 XL Google’s 2018 Flagship. This is the smartphone that kicks every other smartphone’s butt when it comes to shooting photos. I’m not just saying that – Google it. Even last year’s Pixel 2 still beats the pants out of many smartphones this year (because it was the best smartphone camera of last year).


Let me get this out of the way: The hardware begins with a gigantic “H” (the notch). The phone’s display area is almost in the shape of the letter “H” because of the gigantic notch. I’m not a fan of it.  On the bright side, the notch is there to make room for two awesome front-facing cameras. Moving on.

Processor and RAM: I was shocked and proactively disappointed, initially, when I had learned that the Pixel 3/XL only has 4GB of RAM. What!? My Note 8 from over a year ago has 6GB or RAM. Okay, maybe I prepannicked.

The processor powering this year’s beast is a Snapdragon 845. There is a lot going on under the hood with this processor, and it will smoke most smartphones out there because of lightweight vanilla Android and the way that Google is able to optimize their own phone.

Display: a QHD+ resolution, 2960 x 1440p. It’s an OLED display and looks pretty awesome. By this time, I was already over the notch because the 6.3″ display allowed me to forgive it.

Rear Camera: 12.2 MP with Optical Image Stabilization – it was very rare any of the photos I snapped with it turned out blurry. I really like the autofocus on the camera as well. I took many pictures from Philadelphia to Detroit (I’ll attach some) and they all look great!

The rear camera has some great software baked in that can accomplish things like Cinemagraphs, cutout mode, true black and white, face filters, panorama, manual mode, YouTube Live mode, text / landmark / object recognition (powered by Google Lens),††text scanner,†††† active photos, barcode & QR code scanner, and even a business card reader. (Source)

Linvilla Orchards, Media, PA

Linvilla Orchards, Media, PA
Redding Market, Philadelphia

King of Prussia – MALL!
Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI

Front Camera: It’s an 8 MP shooter, and it has wide angle and auto focus. The front-facing camera on the Pixel 3 XL Blows away my Note 8’s front facing camera – it’s not even remotely close.


None! Just kidding, but the Google Pixel 3 XL is what you want to make of it. It doesn’t come with a bunch of extra bloat, but just your essential Google apps.


The Google Pixel 3 XL is going to have the best smartphone camera your money can buy. If you want a phone for photos, buy this, or even the Pixel 3 (non-XL).

I recommend checking out Verizon’s Pixel 3 XL page for any deals that may be going on to offset the cost of this rather pricey phone.

As of this post, Verizon is doing something that will really help offset the cost: In fact, you can save $200 – Plus get $300 more if you switch or add a line w/trade-in! Check out this page to see if it’s still going on.

Here’s a screen grab of the current offer page:

Thank you for checking out my review!