Verizon gave me this opportunity to do my 2nd combo review. For over a month, I spent some time treating each of these phones as a daily driver. Here is what I thought of these Smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Form Factor – Note 9: The Galaxy Note 9 feels premium, just as all Galaxy Notes tend to feel. It doesn’t have any noticeable creaks in the chassis, even the area where the sPen is inserted. The Note 9 is noticeably thicker than its predecessor (Note 8), due to the battery being 1,000 mAh larger.

LG G7 ThinQ

Form Factor – G7 ThinQ: The ThinQ has a very sleek form factor. I actually liked its form factor much more than the Note 9’s elongated height. Just like the Note 9, the G7 ThinQ feels very solid and premium! This is big change from LG’s past, when phones such as the G5 felt sort of flimsy (to be fair, the G5 was a fairly modular phone).

Given that the G7 has a noticeable notch, I actually wasn’t bothered by it so much as I was on other notch-nutty devices like the Pixel 3 XL. After using the G7 ThinQ for a while, I didn’t even notice it.

Screen – Note 9 – Absolutely superior, just like the screens are on all Samsung’s flagship phones. There is really no competition in this area from any other smartphones, so this one hits a perfect rating. Heck, the screen can get so bright, it can hurt your eyes. That could not be said for the G7 ThinQ.

Screen – G7 ThinQ – The LG G7 ThinQ’s screen was very nice but, unfortunately, it’s an IPS display. I use my phone a lot and, when I respond to some emails in bed before i fall asleep, IPS isn’t very easy on the eyes in that it NEVER TURNS OFF.

What I mean when I say that it never turns of is that an OLED Display actually doesn’t have to light up the black pixels when the screen goes dark. An IPS Display on the other hand does! It will always have a noticeable glow when the “Always-on Display” is truly: Always on. When I want to sleep, I want that screen off. The G7 ThinQ loses a point here.

Camera – Note 9 – The Note 9’s camera was simply stunning. I actually liked it better in some ways than the Pixel 3 XL. Even some low-light photos came out clear, which shocked me. I’m by no means a good photo-taker, and i feel that the Note 9 helped me in that area. Here are a few images I snapped with the Note 9.

Camera – G7 ThinQ – The ThinQ took great photos, but not quite as nice as the Note 9. I still always think that the LG wide-angle camera kicks total ass, though. I’m always happy that they’ve kept it on these models moving forward. It didn’t do quite as well as the Note 9 in low-light situations, but was still what I’d call a great camera.

Battery Life – Note 9 – Amazing. The larger battery is really the only thing that the Note 8 needed, and they finally included it in the Note 9. I can easily get a day and a half out of the Note 9’s battery

Battery Life – G7 ThinQ – Way better than what I had read about it previously. Perhaps I was seeing opinions on the G7 ThinQ before it received the update to Android Pie. Let me tell you, I disagree with the opinions saying this smartphone doesn’t get good battery life.

I had AWESOME results with it. I think that Android Pie’s ability to learn app usage and limit their drain on the battery is a huge success. I had absolutely no problem getting through at least a full day on the G7 ThinQ.

The Results:

Conclusion: Both phones are great, as you can tell by the rating I gave them.

Both smartphones are currently available on Verizon’s site, so check it out to see if they have a financing option that works for you. I highly recommend either one of these great devices!

Note 9 – Verizon Page

G7 ThinQ Verizon Page

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